Dr.Haus is currently seeking a qualified Painter with at least 5 years experience as a tradesman(Apprenticeship not included).
The position we offer requires the following skills:
Organising/ planning jobs                                        Good
Exterior painting                                                       Good
Interior painting                                                        Good
Surface preparation                                                 Average
Setting up scaffolding(Trestles + Planks)                Average
Working on heights                                                  Good
Washing facades/ pressure washing                     Good
Plastering                                                                 Good
Spray painting                                                          Average
Wallpaper hanging                                                   Average
Rendering                                                                 Not required
Texture Coatings                                                               Average
Applicant must be willing to learn, be reliable, well- presentable, speak English(IELTS: 6.0 minimum)
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